3mm scale Models

Modelling the LB&SCR in 3mm scale

This information is offered with no comment as to the quality of any of the products.
Please check the suitability of any item before purchase.

If I have missed out any kit or model that you know of, or you have any corrections, then please let me know: Dave Searle


Not availableA1x (0-6-0T) TerrierThree Millimetre SocietyEtched brass
AvailableH2 (4-4-2)2018-05-22Three Millimetre SocietyEtched brass
AvailableC2x (0-6-0) 2018-05-22Worsley WorksEtched brass
AvailableE4 (0-6-2) 2018-05-22Worsley WorksEtched brass
Available1921 Push-pull set Brake 3rd (54ft) 2018-05-22Worsley WorksEtched Brass
Available1921 Push-pull set Composite (54ft) 2018-05-22Worsley WorksEtched Brass
Not availableOpen A goods (SR D1348) Worsley Wagon WorksWhitemetal on plastic chassis.